CO-OP THINK 22 Keynote Spotlight: Sallie Krawcheck, Ellevest Co-Founder

January 31, 2022 Co-op Solutions

THINK is back—live and in-person. CO-OP THINK 22, May 2-6 in Chicago, will feature our signature lineup of keynote speakers who bring the best thinking from across industries to our audience of credit union change-makers. Get ready for big ideas, breakthrough strategies and insights that will help you “Rethink Everything” in this new era of member centricity. 

Next in this series of speaker introductions: Ellevest co-founder Sallie Krawcheck. 

Being the CEO at several storied Wall Street firms—Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, US Trust, Citi Private Bank and Sanford C. Bernstein—gave Sallie Krawcheck a unique view into women’s financial needs. What did she see? Not only do women experience a wage gap, but also a wealth gap that makes reaching financial goals more difficult. Women want the same financial security, homeownership and retirement options their male counterparts do, but often don’t venture into investing where they can make gains on their money that help put them ahead. 

Krawcheck gets the gender wealth gap and is determined to fix it. As co-founder of Ellevest, a tech-first financial company built by women for women, she is connecting women with the tools and knowledge they need to earn more money, save more money and become active investors, from their first dollar through private wealth services. Since its founding in 2014, Ellevest has become one of the fastest growing digital investment platforms, with more than $1 billion invested. The company has appeared in CNBC’s top 50 “Disruptor” list, LinkedIn’s 50 “Most Sought-After Startups” and Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 100 Brilliant Ideas. 

Ellevest’s mix of products and coaching speaks directly to women trying to increase their financial power. So does the company’s marketing–which uses micro-segmentation to identify and create opportunities—to deliver a more personalized experience.  

Find out how Krawcheck is leveraging data to build a financial services platform that takes on the gender financial gap, engages women in investing and wealth-building, and serves a vast but underserved market.  

THINK 22 welcomes Krawcheck and a full slate of breakthrough thinkers to the stage at the credit union industry’s most talked about event, May 2-6 in Chicago. Register now to take advantage of current special pricing.  

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