Embracing Change and THINKing Ahead

April 20, 2018 Todd Clark

Embracing Change and THINKing Ahead

We recently rolled out new corporate values at CO-OP. A little over a year after our acquisition of TMG, in which we had merged not only people and corporate cultures, but technology, infrastructure and more, the time was right to establish core values for the “New CO-OP” moving forward. Among them is Champion Change, meaning at CO-OP we proactively transform and innovate by conceiving and executing on new and better ways of doing things. We dream of new possibilities and take steps to help make them a reality. 

This past week we fully embodied that idea of transformation and innovation by announcing three distinct and important changes. 

Champion Change

Shazia Manus, Chief Product and Strategy Officer for CO-OP, has made the decision to leave for a new position with CUNA Mutual Group’s AdvantEdge Analytics. Shazia played a critical role in the integration of TMG and CO-OP as well as built an incredibly strong product team and strategy that is crucial to realizing the strategy and vision of CO-OP. We know in her new role she will continue to make a positive impact for the broader movement and congratulate her on her new venture. While we search for Shazia’s replacement, I’ll be working closely with a very strong group of seasoned leaders who will continue executing on a full body of product work in progress and carrying forward our commitment to meeting the needs of our clients first, last and always.

The Transformation of the New CO-OP Continues

As integration is the driving force behind the creation of the New CO-OP’s digital ecosystem and our transformation efforts mature, it is now time to implement the next step in our evolution – to combine our Operations and Technology teams into one functional area to create a stronger, more integrated operation that will deliver seamless and secure solutions for our clients.

Our Operations team will now be merged with Technology and will report into Nick Calcanes, Chief Information Officer. This changeover will enable CO-OP to adapt, create and implement new products and services with an improved speed-to-market, providing an overall better customer experience for you and your members.

New Leadership for CO-OP Network

As we strive for continuous improvement across the enterprise, Jim Hanisch will transition into a new role as President of CO-OP Network. In this capacity, Jim will lead the vision and executional strategy of the shared branching and ATM networks as we continue to leverage these assets to drive digital integration across the CO-OP ecosystem. 

Jim’s numerous contributions to CO-OP’s expansion over the years has included playing an integral part in the company growing from a California ATM network to a nationwide payments and technology leader. As we continue to invest in our CO-OP ATM network and work to grow CO-OP Shared Branch, Jim is the absolute best we have to lead this incredibly important effort on behalf of CO-OP.

The sum of these changes will create a more integrated and functional structure allowing CO-OP to deliver seamlessly on its business priorities, ultimately benefitting you and your members. 

Transformation to Serve You

We’ve been talking a lot about digital transformation this past year and I would like to share with you how the New CO-OP is transforming to better serve you and your members. We are focused on four key objectives, which have already yielded gains for CO-OP and our clients, with more to come throughout 2018:

1. Client Centricity: Our client servicing and client support structure has been redesigned to offering more personal support to our clients.

2. Digital Enablement: Our collaborative ecosystem model is right on time for the digital era.

3. Data-Driven Intelligence: CO-OP is using business intelligence to gain greater insight into member needs and behaviors

4. Continuous Improvement: CO-OP exists solely for the growth of credit unions. We strive to be your strategic partner in bringing your credit union and your members the service and solutions they need.

While focused on investing and restructuring this year, we were also able to create balance, which was successfully realized as our Board of Directors approved a healthy $30.5 million patronage (shareholder dividend) pool for our 1,200 shareholding credit union owners for 2017.

THINK 18 - The Race to Excellence

This time of year is always buzzing with a lot of extra energy at CO-OP as we head into the final few weeks before our annual THINK conference

THINK is, first and foremost, a great resource for you to embark upon your own evolution to meet the demands of an increasingly digitalized consumer experience. This year’s conference will provide you with hands on information to help you master a data strategy, decipher when and how to apply artificial intelligence and understand the importance of aligning people, process and products across your organization. All this intelligence will be delivered via inspiring and engaging speakers on our main stage and through the Power Sprint sessions each day. It’s not too late to register!

By focusing on being client centric, creating a digital-first ecosystem that reflects where the world is going, providing access to data, and striving for continuous improvement, the New CO-OP is here to help you meet and exceed your members’ expectations in our digital payments world.


Todd Clark


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