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April 30, 2019 Todd Clark

Next week is THINK 19, which is my favorite event of the year. Aside from hearing from ground-breaking keynote speakers like Seth Godin, Chef Jose Andres, Omar Johnson and Stephanie Woerner, I love having the opportunity to meet and talk with so many clients who have come together and are so focused on building the future of our industry. It is truly a testament to the cooperative nature of the credit union movement.

We have more possibilities than ever before.  I’m now rounding on my third year as CEO of CO-OP and I’m reminded that our values now are still as relevant as they were when the company was founded nearly 40 years ago - to aggregate credit union services and deliver scale.  Today though our business model has evolved into an ecosystem that serves more than 80% of all credit union members in the U.S., cooperatively, we are delivering a diversified technology portfolio and resources beyond what each one of our clients could independently accomplish.

I am a firm believer that data and integrated technology are the keys to the growth of the credit union movement. Here at CO-OP we’ve been working on activating transformation since I came on board  –that is architecting CO-OP as a platform business. Shifting to an open digital platform model is the logical evolution of how we will continue to deliver value and ensure that our industry, as a whole can keep pace and is positioned for long-term success. This will also offer increased options and flexibility for credit unions.

At this moment we’re sitting on a trove of enriched data, gathered from the more than 6.6 billion transactions we process on behalf of our members. At CO-OP, the focus of our technology and data team is to build the for the future and make all of these components talk; to activate this data in order to create new experiences that will help credit unions retain and grow their member relationships. At the same time, we are building the most comprehensive set of member needs-based solutions to help you drive engagement and ultimately grow your deposits and loans.

We cannot do it alone and that is why I am so proud and humbled to work alongside our employees and credit union partners to foster growth for our industry. Cooperation is our most valuable asset in the shifting payments landscape.  As we continue to see consolidation in the industry, mega mergers and new incumbents, credit unions more and more need a trusted partner to navigate with them through this digital age.  We will continue to invest in our collective future. Change won’t happen overnight but we are building CO-OP for the next 10 to 20 years.  We are striving to continue delivering on our vision for an integrated payments ecosystem built specifically for credit unions and their members.

I look forward to sharing more about our platform approach and meeting and talking with many of you in Miami Beach next week THINK.


Todd Clark, President & CEO

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