5 Must-Reads: Pardon Our Disruption

February 17, 2017 CO-OP Financial Services

We live in disruptive times. How disruptive? This week we highlight an old school payments disrupter who met with disruption by a generation of fintech upstarts and may now be suddenly cool again. PayPal, we offer our sincere respect.

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TOP READ: Why PayPal Seems Cool Again

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Newer isn’t always cooler. Need proof? Paying with Paypal should be so 2007, but instead it’s regaining its cachet. What’s making this established player seem refreshed?


5 Ways Financial Companies Can Harness the Power of Digital Disruption in 2017

Let’s Talk Payments

“Some predict that financial institutions may lose a third of their workforces over the next 10 years because of ongoing financial industry disruption. The message is clear: harnessing and embracing global digital disruption will distinguish the growers and survivors from the casualties in the years ahead.”


Pay with Amazon: 33 Million Consumers and Counting


Without most of us realizing it, Amazon’s “Buy” button has found its place on roughly 10 percent of the top eCommerce sites in the United States. Cast in another way, that means it’s reaching 33 million consumers – and it’s now second only to PayPal. Maybe the ultimate power of disruption is to make waves without much of a splash.


How AI Will Become the Most Defining Technology for the Banking Industry

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“While the focus in the media is often on AI replacing human fund managers or traders, the most pressing use cases may be cost reduction or compliance issues,” says Henri Arslanian from PwC. “AI helps banks in their anti-money-laundering or employee misconduct detection efforts by replacing costly functions that are currently done manually by humans.”


Bank of America Goes Employee-Free At Some Branch Locations


Introverts rejoice: Bank of America has just opened some branch locations that should be particularly appealing to those who prefer their dealings with the outside world to involve as little human interaction as possible.


THINK Extra!

7.5 Reasons to Attend THINK 17

Are you ready to begin your digital transformation journey? Here’s why THINK 17 is your launch pad.

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