Digital Transformation – How Digital Are You?

March 9, 2017 CO-OP Financial Services

Did you know:

  • 96 percent of organizations see digital transformations as critical or important. (Progress)
  • Digital transformation is expected to boost the bottom line by more than 50 percent for some companies over the next five years. (McKinsey)
  • The top three digital transformation drivers are improved customer experience, increased speed of innovation and improved-time-to market. (Forrester)
  • More than 90 percent of executives believe that digital technology has the potential to fundamentally transform the way people work in their organizations. (MIT Sloan)
  • Only 5 percent of organizations feel that they have mastered digital to a point of differentiation from their competitors. (Forrester/Accenture)

Digital disruption is both uniquely exciting and uniquely daunting to leaders in every sector. Credit unions that thrive are typically those that embrace change and proactively adapt their products, services and internal operations to stay ahead of the competition. With so many competing issues, it can be challenging to determine how to prioritize and focus your digital transformation projects and resources.

CO-OP Financial Services has commissioned David Rogers, Faculty Director, Digital Business Strategy and Digital Marketing, Columbia Business School and author of “The Digital Transformation Playbook” to develop a proprietary Digital Transformation Survey for the credit union industry. It will help us understand where existing strengths lie from a digital perspective and highlight which capabilities you and the industry need to develop further in order to truly modernize and transform your credit union for the future.

Survey is closed

For completing the survey, you’ll receive a Full Benchmark Report, a $500 value. All answers will remain strictly confidential and anonymous. Aggregate survey findings will be shared in the Full Benchmark Report and at THINK 17, when David Rogers shares findings and helps the THINK audience to develop their own individual Digital Transformation Playbooks.

Please complete the survey by March 31, 2017.

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