Support Your Community, Build Your Credit Union

July 3, 2017 CO-OP Financial Services

Living the credit union philosophy – “People helping people” – means empowering communities to thrive. In many cases, credit unions are already an integral part of the communities they serve. In others, there may be work yet to be done. The question credit unions in either instance may be asking themselves is, “How can we take our involvement a step further?” Enter CO-OP PURPOSE.

Launched in 2016, CO-OP PURPOSE offers credit unions unique access to carefully crafted partnerships with other purposeful organizations that empower, engage and assist communities. In short, CO-OP PURPOSE serves as a credit union’s roadmap to a positive local impact. Here’s how credit unions can get involved.

  • Explore the program options. CO-OP PURPOSE currently supports two main programs.
    • CO-OP Miracle Match: This $1 philanthropic matching program encourages credit unions, chapters and leagues to raise funds for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.
    • Yoobi Back to School Backpack Drive: By partnering with Yoobi, an innovative school supply company, CO-OP PURPOSE allows credit unions to help students in need. This simple program takes a $1,500 investment and turns it into 50 backpacks for students. 
  • Choose the right program(s) for your credit union. Getting involved with either of the CO-OP PURPOSE initiatives is simple. Just go the website, click the “Get Involved” links and follow the “Apply Now” or “Register Now” buttons.
  • Rally your troops for some team building. The Backpack Drive ships backpacks and items separately, delivering the perfect opportunity for a stuffing party. Staff can bond, give back and snap some photos for social media all at the same time. CO-OP Miracle Match offers team excitement by participating in fundraising efforts for CMN Hospitals.
  • Engage with your communities. When participating in CO-OP Miracle Match, credit unions have the option to stage events to support the cause. Similarly, the Backpack Drive lets teams deliver the backpacks to their preferred organizations benefitting students in need, such as schools, homeless shelters and Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  • Boost program awareness. Throughout any community-building campaign, credit unions can leverage social media for additional impact. Dedicating just a few posts to the campaign can increase interest in the cause – and the credit union.

To learn more about CO-OP PURPOSE and how you can help your local community, access the website.

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