10 Must-Reads: Why 2018 Will Be (R)evolutionary

December 28, 2017 Co-op Solutions

If you haven’t already noticed, 2017 was a transformative year. How do we follow 12 nonstop months of digital transformation, headline-grabbing cybersecurity issues, an explosion of digital payments and commerce – and so much more? If this week’s small sampling of predictions is any indicator, get ready to ring in the Bank of Amazon, better digital payments and data-driven everything. Feeling inspired? Check out our bonus read on THINK 18 – and sign up this weekend to take advantage of 2017 pricing that expires on Monday.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Three Trends for 2018: Safer Data, Faster Payments, Better Experiences

Mobile Payments Today

Hang on, everybody: “The emergence of new technologies and an evolving regulatory landscape means the payments ecosystem is poised for unprecedented transformation in 2018. The demand for safer data, faster payments and better experiences presents great opportunity, but also significant challenges.”


What’s Next: Predictions for Financial Services in 2018

The Financial Brand

Columnist Jim Marous walks us through Forrester’s new list of 2018 predictions for financial services. Will credit unions rise to the challenges of digital transformation, embracing disruptors, and reckoning with Open Banking?


Amazon Gets into Banking – and Other 2018 Predictions

Banking Journal

Among CFRA bank analyst Ken Leon’s top predictions for 2018: Amazon could become a small- to mid-sized bank next year. What impact, if any, will this have on your competitive landscape?


5 Predictions for Banking in 2018

U.S. News

Don’t forget to take a consumer’s-eye view. Here’s what U.S. News sees as significant developments for banking consumers in the year to come.


Data: Trends to Watch in 2018

Payments Source

From Zelle to the Equifax breach, the past year brought an avalanche of big events. In this slideshow, Payments Source dissects payments data from 2017 to create a look ahead at the changes that 2018 could bring.


Deregulation and Disruption: Key Banking Trends in 2018


Will deregulation, tax reform and fintech translate into big changes for financial institutions in 2018? Possibly. After a year of continuous and disruptive change, the CEO of ConnectOne Bank offers his two cents on what’s ahead.


To Change How You Use Money, Open Banking Must Break Banks

Wired U.K.

Open Banking is coming to Europe, and its effects are likely to affect the U.S. as well. This article, which originally ran a few months back, details some of the changes that Open Banking is expected to bring in the U.K. – and why breaking the banks could be a smart move for the future of financial services.


5 Trends to Look for in Payments

Payment Eye

These five trends aren’t a rehash of 2017. “From new transfer methods to the PSD2 push, the demand for faster, smarter, and safer transactions has reached fever pitch. Still, 2017 seems almost as though it was a primer, setting the stage for the game-changing payments progress promise in the coming year.”


Top Banking Risks in 2018

Banking Journal

Although no one is looking forward to another year of risks, forewarned is forearmed. Here are some significant challenges for financial institutions in the year to come, along with ideas on how we’ll tackle them as an industry.

Tech Trends that Will Shape Marketing in 2018


Technology isn’t just changing the way we bank and pay: It’s also personalizing content, adding intelligence to human resources and lending a voice to marketing.


BONUS Read: Dive in! Michael Phelps Talks Speed + Excellence at THINK 18

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