A Year of Adaptation for Credit Unions: Top 9 Blogs

December 19, 2023
Top 9 blogs

As we near the end of 2023, we look back on a year of adaptation and change for credit unions. It was a year that saw inflation rise to unprecedented rates but also saw spending bounce back to near pre-pandemic levels in many categories. Emerging trends that continued to have a huge impact on credit unions and their members included real-time payments, buy now pay later (BNPL), AI, and a host of fraud topics including account takeover fraud, BIN attacks, phishing and identity theft and so much more. 

Throughout the year, Co-op has brought you information on the latest industry trends, provided access to exclusive research and offered tips from our experts and strategic advisors to help credit unions navigate our ever-evolving industry. As the year draws to a close, here are some of our readers’ favorite blogs from the past year. Take a look and see how you can help bring your credit union into the new year.   

1. Rise in BIN Attacks Lead List of Fraud Worries. Here’s How Your Credit Union Can Fight Back

2. 3 Fraud Predictions for 2023 

3. FedNow is Coming. What Does it Mean for Your Credit Union?  

4. What Your Credit Union Can Do to Prevent Losses as P2P Fraud Continues to Rise

5. Credit Unions Well-positioned to Enter BNPL Market

6. Latest CU Growth Outlook Research Defines New Member-centric Model

7. The Branch of the Future Offers Freedom of Choice

8. Rise in Digital Wallets Presents Credit Unions with Opportunity

9. 3 Ways AI and Machine Learning Can Boost Your Card Portfolio (co-opfs.org) 

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