Addressing Member Fears About Equifax – Our New FAQ Can Help

October 16, 2017 Co-op Solutions

Like a classic horror movie, the Equifax breach is a cautionary tale that gets darker as it unfolds. Occurring from mid-May through July 2017, the breach is the nation’s largest on record – impacting nearly 143 million U.S. consumers.

In fact, as many as 44 percent of the nation’s population will be affected by the breach in some way. Because the incident is still under investigation, new information continues to surface on just how extensive the damages are.

And, members look to their credit union as a trusted advisor in times of major cyberattacks such as the Equifax breach.

To help you inform members, ease their fears, and empower them with the security technologies and strategies they need, CO-OP Financial Services has created comprehensive member-facing Equifax Breach FAQs, available on our website.

In addition to explaining how a breach of epic proportions happened at Equifax, the FAQs provides easy, practical measures members can take to play an active role their own data security now and in the future.

While fraudsters remain an ominous threat to consumers everywhere, those who take the right precautions can significantly reduce their risks. Ultimately, data breaches occur when criminals exploit a weak link in the security chain. Reinforcing security at the member level can help eliminate critical points of vulnerability and keep fraudsters at bay.

Share our security best practices with members by directing them to our Equifax Breach FAQs.

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