CardNav Empowers Members Across all Co-op Debit and Credit Channels

June 29, 2022 Co-op Solutions



Card controls and alerts are valued by busy and security-conscious members for a variety of purposes, including the ability to turn it off should the card be lost; setting limits and budgets in cases of joint ownership between parents and children; setting controls around travel; and better equipping cardholders in the fight against fraud. CardNav® by Co-op was the first-to-market mobile card controls and alerts app, so credit unions have been able to offer this level of functionality to their cardholders since 2014. From then on, CardNav has been empowering members to decide when, where and how their cards are used – in advance and in real time.

“CardNav provides transaction-level card alerts and controls via personal smartphones and tablets, which reduces the opportunities for fraudulent transactions while giving members a sense of control over their cards, all of which lends itself to a better member experience,” said Dr. Kathy Snider, Senior Vice President, Engage Solutions Line, for CO-OP Financial Services. “CardNav protects members while also giving credit unions the access they need to provide direct support. Credit union staff can view CardNav account activity and make changes on a member’s behalf, furthering cardholder confidence and providing the personalized experience members desire.”

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Flexible Integration Options

Co-op offers credit unions multiple ways to integrate CardNav with the credit union’s brand at the center, including:

  1. Credit union-branded standalone app with configurable options available in the app store
  2. Credit union-branded “Companion” app, linked to the institution’s current mobile banking solution
  3. An API that integrates with the credit union’s existing mobile banking app

Integration flexibility for the credit union is something Jerry Bettens, Chief Information Officer for Michigan First Credit Union, believes is vital in the highly competitive card market. “Offering controls and alerts is becoming something our members expect,” said Bettens. “How you deliver that functionality is the part that can truly make your credit union standout.

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Features Designed Exclusively for Cardholders

CardNav is easier, faster and more convenient for cardholders, helping credit unions stay ahead of consumer expectations. Members can set spending limits (giving parents more control over shared cards with children, for example) and can temporarily turn off and turn back on a lost card with the new features.

The integration of fingerprint and facial login to authenticate app users makes the mobile experience more user-friendly and secure for members.

Activating CardNav at Your Credit Union

By giving members a single view of their entire card experience, both credit and debit, credit unions can enhance member loyalty while growing one of their most profitable assets.

To learn more about how CardNav can help you empower your members by arming them with a tool that puts control and security into their hands, reach out to your Co-op Client Business Executive or contact us at 800.782.9042 or

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