Co-op THINK 22 Keynote Spotlight: Swan Sit 

March 10, 2022 Co-op Solutions

THINK22 Rethink Everything

THINK22 Rethink Everything

THINK is back—live and in-person. Co-op THINK 22, May 2-6 in Chicago, will feature our signature lineup of keynote speakers bringing the best thinking from across industries to our audience of credit union change-makers. Get ready for big ideas, breakthrough strategies and insights that will help you “Rethink Everything” in this new era of member centricity. 

Next in this series of speaker introductions: Digital marketing innovator Swan Sit.

Swan Sit thinks digital transformation can do a lot for your brand. One of those things is to make it more human. Sit is the former head of digital marketing at Nike. She also led digital at Revlon and Elizabeth Arden and ran online strategy for the Estée Lauder Companies. She is a super-host on the audio-based social app Clubhouse, where more than 3.5 million followers gather to hear her talk shop and exchange ideas. 

Swan Sit

What Sit understands more than anything is the idea of connection: finding authentic strands that attach organizations to their audiences and how those organizations can use modern media channels to spread the word, amplifying that idea of connection. At Elizabeth Arden, she modernized the brand’s Instagram persona by bringing its founder’s voice into a new millennium. The beauty company’s namesake founder, it turns out, was a visionary female entrepreneur a full century before it was hip to be a visionary woman. Maybe her contemporaries didn’t get it, but modern-day Instagram users certainly did. Telling stories through “Liz’s” perspective gave the iconic brand a fresh relevance that was still true to its roots. 

Far from impersonalizing the relationships brands have with their customers, Sit believes that digital transformation is creating new kinds of intimacy by enabling personalized marketing and products, and creating new opportunities for conversation. 

Find out why Sit believes the digital era is a golden age for customer experience—and why, as she says, “The magic of experience is not in the transaction. It’s in the space between all the transactions.” 

THINK 22 welcomes Sit and a full slate of breakthrough thinkers to the stage at the credit union industry’s most talked about event, May 2-6 in Chicago. Register now to take advantage of current special pricing. 

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