“National Customer Service Week” Takes Place Every Week at CO-OP

October 8, 2021 Co-op Solutions

For more than 30 years, National Customer Service Week has kicked off the month of October by celebrating excellence in customer service. For CO-OP Financial Services, working with our credit union clients to deliver the exceptional service their members deserve is at the forefront of everything we do. But rather than hear it from us, we have collected a range of testimonials from four of our partner credit unions, demonstrating that excellent service is a year-round commitment. 

The four case studies illustrate the breadth of the CO-OP digital payments ecosystem, which can be utilized and scaled to the precise needs of any credit union. 

Cincinnati Interagency FCU, Cincinnati, Ohio. “We see shared branching as an absolute necessity,” said Karen Anderson, CEO of the credit union. Never has it been more so than in these past 18 months of the pandemic. The nationwide CO-OP Shared Branch network has enabled Cincinnati Interagency FCU members to continue accessing branch services even though the credit union’s own branches were required to close.” Read here.

Idaho Central FCU, Chubbuck, Idaho. This credit union served as a beta tester for the recently launched CO-OP Digital Card Issuance. “Digital card issuance isn’t just the next cool thing; it’s a way to strengthen our relationship with our members,” said Mason Oswald, Card Services Manager. “Mobile banking providers will have different technical specifications and requirements so an out-of-the-box solution can be difficult to integrate. With CO-OP’s solution we can customize the integration to ensure it matches the expectation of our mobile users and seamlessly ties into our existing application.” Read here.

OMNI Community Credit Union, Battle Creek, Michigan. OMNI experienced double-digit credit card portfolio growth after partnering with the CO-OP SmartGrowth consulting team. The case study reports, “after a year and a half of working with CO-OP SmartGrowth, OMNI’s activation rate increased 11.32 percent. Average monthly spend increased nearly 10 percent year-over-year, driving a 15 percent increase in interchange revenue and nearly $1 million in additional purchase volume.” Read here

Red Rocks Credit Union, Littleton, Colorado. Red Rocks reduced their annual fraud budget by 60 percent by partnering with CO-OP’s fraud prevention consultants. According to the case study, “(Director of Accounting and Finance Shauna) Baity credits the improvement to CO-OP’s industry-leading fraud mitigation tools, as well as the support of their dedicated CO-OP Fraud Prevention Consultant. Launched in 2020, CO-OP’s Fraud Prevention Consultant program pairs a dedicated consultant with every CO-OP processing client to ensure the credit union is staying ahead of potential fraud.” Read here

To learn more about the complete CO-OP digital payments ecosystem, visit https://www.co-opfs.org/Solutions.  

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