True Miracles: See How CMN Hospitals Heal Children and Families

December 15, 2017 Co-op Solutions

Every year, millions of children enter Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals seeking treatment for serious illnesses and injuries. Read on to discover just how vitally important these resources are to communities, and how the world-class care they provide brings healing and peace of mind to families in need.

Vanessa’s Story

It was the first day of school 2013 when 11-year-old Vanessa Desrosiers’ life took an unexpected turn. Struck by a car in her Los Angeles neighborhood while walking to school, Vanessa suffered multiple injuries so severe, she was immediately airlifted to a local trauma center for evaluation and treatment.

While Vanessa’s medical team quickly identified her broken femur and foot injuries, and swiftly moved her into surgery to put her leg in traction, it soon became clear to her parents that Vanessa needed more care than the busy trauma unit could provide.

“The staff treated her well, but with every gunshot and stab wound victim – unfortunately common injuries in Los Angeles – we just kept getting bumped from the schedule and were soon nothing more than a number,” said Veronica Desrosiers, Vanessa’s mother and vice president, enterprise risk management, for CO-OP Financial Services.

After waiting almost 36 hours for further treatment, Desrosiers and her husband decided to transfer Vanessa to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

They arrived at 10 pm that evening, and by early the next morning Vanessa received vital follow-up surgeries – two procedures which were done simultaneously to minimize the time Vanessa was put under anesthesia.

“Words don’t do justice to the attention that Vanessa received at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles,” said Desrosiers. “From the surgeons to the nurses and physical therapists, everyone truly treated us as if Vanessa was their daughter.”

Eight days and two additional surgeries later, Vanessa returned home, fully prepared, says Desrosiers, for the months of recovery ahead.

Brooke’s Story

For Nicki Detiege, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin provided critical treatment – and answers – for her daughter, Brooke.

“Brooke was in summer camp where she goes every year, and she suddenly suffered a series of seizures,” said Detiege. While emergency room doctors later examined Brooke thoroughly, they were unable to pinpoint the cause of the seizures, and she was released only to experience another one within days.

“We then saw a neurologist who gave us a diagnosis, but we weren’t happy with that diagnosis,” said Detiege, who serves as an accounting clerk for Michigan-based Peninsula Federal Credit Union. “So, we sought a second opinion at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.”

A Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin conducted three days of comprehensive testing, during which time Brooke and her family remained on site.

“We were feeling helpless because we didn’t know what was going to happen,” said Detiege. “Thankfully, the staff was there for my daughter, Brooke, and for us, too, throughout our stay – always asking if she was comfortable and if we needed anything. They had the best doctors and equipment, and she is doing much better now.”

To their relief, physicians at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin determined that Brooke would ultimately outgrow her condition. “We went in having the confidence that we would come out with answers, and we did,” said Detiege.

Give the Gift of Healing

As a CO-OP client credit union, we invite you to join hands with us in support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Encompassing 155 institutions across the U.S., these world-class facilities provide a lifeline to children coping with serious illnesses and injuries, including many kids within our own credit union community – at no cost to families. This unprecedented care is made possible through the generous donations of organizations like yours.

CO-OP’s longstanding relationship with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals extends back decades. Since 2008, our CO-OP Miracle Match program has donated $1 million in matching funds each year to the network on behalf of client credit unions that partner with us. To date, this powerful philanthropy has raised more than $12 million for Children’s Hospitals, funds that support new services, equipment, research and other patient resources.

Donations Go to Local Hospitals

The official charity of the credit union movement, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals distribute all donations at the local level, which means contributions made by your employees, members and surrounding community go to a nearby hospital.

“The impact these institutions have on communities is immeasurable,” said Joe Dearborn, senior director, Credit Unions for Kids, part of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. “These hospitals provide peace of mind to parents because they know their child is getting the finest healthcare available in a warm, nurturing setting.”

Credit unions that participate benefit as well, says Joe Franklin, vice president, experiential marketing and engagement, for CO-OP. “The credit unions we work with are thrilled about the additional matched funds CO-OP provides for their local hospitals, and they find that fundraising through campaigns and events is a fun and impactful way to bring the community together.” he said.

Desrosiers adds, “Every effort, whether money or time volunteering, goes directly into these hospitals and toward helping the patients. You can see it and feel it when you are there. If you are ever in this kind of situation where no one wants to be, a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital is where you want to go.”

CO-OP will begin accepting 2018 Miracle Match applications in February. For more information, contact Charlotte Locklear at CO-OP at or visit

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