5 Must-Reads: Fraud Falls – or Does It?

June 9, 2017 CO-OP Financial Services

This week we bring you the good news that fraud is down. Sadly, though, it isn’t out. We also feature some interesting reports on ransomware, persistent fraud, EMV enhancements and cybersecurity in the healthcare sector. Keep up the good fight!

NEW REPORT: Fraud Falls 34.7 Percent


Is it possible that fraud has declined by more than a third overall in the past year? That’s what the May 2017 edition of the Global Fraud Index from PYMNTS and Signifyd reports. A 146.5 percent spike in fraud against online retailers balances out the news.

Where and How Does Card Fraud Continue Post EMV?


EMV is well established in the U.S. Yet, card fraud continues. Where and how is card fraud happening in the post-EMV era, and what can credit unions do to help combat it?

11 Things the Healthcare Sector Must Do to Enhance Cybersecurity

Harvard Business Review

Although healthcare is probably outside your regular wheelhouse, understanding the vulnerabilities this industry faces is helpful. What can these organizations do to address cybersecurity concerns, and how does it apply to credit unions?

Symantec Says Malware Tops Ransomware as FI Threat


Financial threats from malware are 2.5 times more widespread than ransomware, despite the media attention surrounding attacks such as WannaCry.

Beyond the Card: New Standard Designed to Enhance EMV

Bank Info Security

In this video interview with ISMG executive editor Tracy Kitten, payments expert Roger Applewhite says chip advances are on the way that could expand the capabilities of EMV chips well beyond the card.


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