Are Your ATMs Prepared for the Windows 10 Migration?


In just a little over a year from now, on January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7, the operating system that drives 400,000 ATMs in the U.S. and 3 million worldwide. In practical terms, this will mean the end of security updates, security patches, non-security hotfixes, free or paid support options and online technical content updates. If you use Windows 7, you – and your ATMs – will no longer be supported.

To avoid security and compliance issues, ensure the best possible member experience and prepare for the future, CO-OP is urging credit unions to begin the process of migrating to Windows 10 as soon as possible.

“While January 2020 might seem eons away, in reality there are several good reasons to begin your ATM migration to Windows 10 now,” says Terry Pierce, Director, Product Management at CO-OP Financial Services. “Credit unions will need to take several steps and coordinate with multiple vendors to test and implement the upgrade. Starting now will help credit unions avoid a last-minute scramble.”

6 Good Reasons to Upgrade

Upgrading to Windows 10 will take some effort, but there are several benefits as well:

  1. Security: Windows 10 offers more current built-in security features and, of course, will provide continued support via updates and patches.
  1. Compliance: Upgrading ensures that your fleet is PCI-ready – and avoids complications down the road with compensating controls and other work-arounds to mitigate risk.
  1. Enhancing member experience: The video and app-based platforms of the future will be written for Windows 10, opening up new ways to connect with your members through features like card before cash, bill denomination selection, cardholder preferences and Cardless Cash Access.
  1. Agility and consistency: The same goes for all future innovations and upgrades. We live in an omnichannel world with thousands of touchpoints migrating to (or originating in) Windows 10.
  1. Risk and cost: Attempting to maintain an outdated system will cost money and can easily result in fraud, theft or disabled ATMs.
  1. Stability and forward-thinking: Windows 10 will be supported until 2026, maintaining stability throughout its life.

Managing an Upgrade

“CO-OP is actively working on Windows 10 migration so that we’ll be ready to help our clients complete this process in 2019,” says Pierce. “Right now, we’re recommending that clients first reach out to their ATM vendors to initiate plans and begin scheduling, then let us know so we can help integrate our work into the process.”

In the meantime, follow these steps from the ATM Industry Association to make your migration manageable:

  1. Assess your current ATM fleet. Some machines won’t have the capacity to handle Windows 10. They may need processor upgrades or, in some cases, may be more cost-effective to replace. Work with your ATM vendor if necessary to find out what a Windows 10 migration will entail.
  1. Organize a timeline and roadmap. Determine how and when your upgrade process will ideally unfold. Who will manage the process?
  1. Open communications with current ATM suppliers. Contact ATM manufacturers and suppliers as soon as possible to determine ATM hardware and software availability – and to work out upgrade timelines.
  1. Consider additional service and upgrades. This is a good time to consider the value of replacing outmoded equipment, upgrading to accommodate new features or efficiencies, and otherwise optimizing your ATM fleet. Although meeting a deadline like this one can be stressful, it’s also strong motivation to update your ATM channel for the future.

CO-OP ATM Terminal Driving solutions deliver the latest ATM innovations to help you engage members, streamline your operations and expand your self-service capabilities. Contact us to learn more about upgrading your ATMs to Window 10 and our full suite of ATM Terminal Driving solutions.

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