Co-op THINK 23 Speaker Spotlight: Ron Shevlin of Cornerstone Advisors

February 15, 2023

Ron Shevlin is one of the banking industry’s most notable experts—and his in-demand insights and quirky sense of humor are gracing the stage at this year’s premier credit union growth strategy conference, Co-op THINK 23.

Shevlin’s background at Aite Group, Epsilon, and Forrester Research carved a clear path for his current role as the Chief Research Officer at Cornerstone Advisors. His opinions are sought after in financial publications, and he frequently writes thought-provoking pieces for Forbes on his Fintech Snark Tank blog. He also authored Smarter Bank: Why Money Management is More Important than Money Movement.

Shevlin believes credit unions are at a hard fork in the road with two paths before them: create banking-as-a-service opportunities in the embedded finance model or embrace what he calls the embedded fintech model.

What Shevlin will bring to THINK 23:

Shevlin will connect the dots for credit unions, sharing why the adjacent industry business model and value stream expansion matters to CU growth and preserving the member experience. He’ll dig into his recent research on aspects of The Invisible Revolution like embedded finance infiltrating industries like gaming, medical, retail and luxury brands. He’ll also showcase innovative opportunities for credit unions in banking-as-a-service (Baas), strategic partnerships, and new product/business models that will unlock future growth.

Co-op THINK 23 takes please May 2–4, 2023, in Tucson, Arizona, featuring an exciting lineup of industry-disrupting speakers, exclusive original research, informative breakout sessions and roundtables, as well as the opportunity to network with credit union industry peers. Register today.

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