Genisys CU Renews Partnership with Co-op Solutions, Adds Zelle® and Co-op Insights Center to Existing Services

March 9, 2022

Genisys works with Co-op ‘to deliver the best possible payment experience for our members’

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, California – Genisys Credit Union has renewed its partnership with Co-op Solutions, adding access to Zelle® and Co-op Insights Center to existing services provided by Co-op, including debit and credit processing, fraud and risk management, and ATM terminal driving.

“Bringing value to our members is always at the forefront of our vendor partnership decisions,” said Michelle Mattson, SVP, Delivery Strategy for Genisys CU. “In partnering with Co-op, our goal is to deliver the best possible payment experience to our members now and in the future. Our members have loved having the ability to do travel notifications in mobile banking using an API integration and we know that they will also quickly adopt Zelle once it is launched. Any partner we consider today needs to have a strong focus on future enhancements and Co-op continues to do this through innovative API integrations.”

Zelle enables fast, safe and easy person-to-person (P2P) payments and is available in mobile banking apps. Co-op incorporates access to Zelle in its technology ecosystem, allowing credit unions to efficiently implement the service and offer it to their members. Co-op Insights Center is a web-based business intelligence and reporting platform that gives credit unions the ability to quickly understand portfolio behavior and make decisions to grow their credit and debit programs. 

“Our partnership with Co-op allows us to offer Zelle and to work on several other integrations that will allow members more flexibility in how and when they complete financial transactions,” said Mattson. “Putting as much control in our members’ hands as possible is our ultimate goal. To be the payment method our members select each day, we need to bring them continual innovations.”  

Looking to the future of the relationship, Mattson said, “As a technology partner, we expect that Co-op will continually strive to bring new innovations to our members. The past two years have shifted even more traffic to our remote channels and our hope is that our partnership with Co-op will allow us to continue to be successful in exceeding member expectations with new innovative payment products.”  

Based in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Genisys CU ( was found in 1936. Today, the credit union is the fourth largest in the state, with $4 billion in assets, 246,000 members and 33 branch locations.

“We definitely share the emphasis Genisys places on providing members with a smooth digital payments experience – we believe it is the path to primary financial relationships and credit union growth,” said Matt Kardell, Chief Revenue Officer for Co-op. “The renewal of our partnership adds an important new member service like Zelle, while Co-op Insights Center will help Genisys to better understand and thus better serve their members.”

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