UMe Credit Union Finds Forward-Thinking Technology Partner In CO-OP Financial Services

September 9, 2020

Burbank, California-based Credit Union Chooses CO-OP for Debit and In-House Credit Processing

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, California – As UMe Credit Union approached the end of its existing card processing agreement, the institution set as a goal, “aligning with a vendor who is forward-thinking in terms of technology, but also, who truly wants to be a partner in working with us,” said Robert Einstein, President/CEO. “We value relationships.”

The Burbank, California-based cooperative found just such a partner in CO-OP Financial Services, which is contracted to perform Debit and In-House Credit services for UMe Credit Union (

“At UMe, we are always striving to improve in all areas of our business,” said Einstein. “CO-OP rose above the competition from the initial demo process. Their team demonstrated a keen enthusiasm for doing what they do and for the opportunity to work with us. As we reached out to current CO-OP credit union clients, we were pleased to hear that they experienced seamless transitions and were very happy in their processing relationship with CO-OP. As CO-OP already had our ATM terminal driving and PIN business, we had some experience with what it was like working with them – which has always been great.”

Moving forward, Einstein said, “We are looking forward to improving some cost efficiencies and benefiting from many new features that we didn’t have before, which we are very excited about bringing to our membership.”

And, as the partners advance together further into the future, Einstein observed, “We believe it’s imperative to have a technology partner who is dedicated to being forward-thinking and innovating technology. We want our products with CO-OP to continuously evolve as technology advances over time. We believe that the way we do business today will not be the same in five years, and we expect CO-OP to be a leader for change and progress in our industry.”   

CO-OP Debit and In-House Credit processing enable credit unions to easily add the competitive, benefit-rich payments products members expect. In-House Credit lets credit unions maintain control over back office operations, while card fulfillment, cardholder benefits, security, loyalty programs and data analytics tools make the CO-OP offering a comprehensive processing solution.

Founded in 1940, UMe Credit Union has 15,700 members and more than $260 million in assets. The UMe name is derived from the combination of “You + Me, representing the relationship between the institution and its members.

“UMe Credit Union is placing strategic emphasis partnering with a financial technology company that can meet the needs of the institution and its members now and well into the future,” said Matt Kardell, Chief Revenue Officer for CO-OP. “We are proud to be that partner. The ecosystem of payments solutions that CO-OP has built enables credit unions to deliver experiences that inspire member trust and engagement for the long term.”

For more information on the CO-OP ecosystem for credit unions and their members, visit


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